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After our success in creating over 100,000 new jobs in 2012 and 2013, jobs4america has set an overall goal of creating another 100,000 U.S. jobs over the next two years. The coalition is challenging companies big and small to join in this campaign to create jobs in America. To join our coalition click here.

With the unemployment rate hovering near nine percent and tens of thousands of well-qualified Americans looking for work, a group of forward-looking business leaders have launched a coordinated, strategic effort to help create jobs in America.

Members of our new coalition, jobs4america, are setting meaningful goals for creating a specific number of jobs here in America. We invite additional business leaders to join us in this initiative by making the decision to locate or expand their contact centers in America in order to create new jobs and opportunities for communities and families across America.

Contact centers can be a key source of employment opportunity for Americans looking for work. New technologies and a ready workforce have made it possible to create innovative contact center jobs in the U.S. Businesses are harnessing broadband-enabled technologies to transform the way contact centers work, increasing customer retention and community relations in the process.

Keeping contact centers close to home makes sense for many reasons:

  • Good for America. If American businesses can harness the growing ubiquity of broadband and new technologies like VoIP and cloud computing to enable companies to create new jobs here in America, we will have retained an entire service industry. We believe that the U.S. business community is strong enough to help hard-working Americans return to the workforce and revel in the pride of a regular paycheck.
  • Good Customer Service. Studies indicate that customers prefer dealing with customer service representatives in America, who understand the cultural context or have knowledge of products that may not be widely available elsewhere. Americans say they have more trouble getting inquiries resolved efficiently when they're routed to contact centers outside the U.S. According to CFI Group’s 2010 Contact Center Satisfaction Index, customers who perceived their calls were handled offshore were 27% less satisfied than those who believed they were speaking with a U.S. worker.
  • Good for People with Disabilities. Disabled Americans are leading the charge to bring contact center jobs back to the U.S. Nonprofit organizations now assist companies and government agencies like the IRS in creating virtual contact centers that employ Americans with disabilities. By hiring highly qualified individuals with disabilities who work from home, organizations become eligible for a $2,400 Work Opportunity Tax Credit for every individual they hire.

To join our coalition click here.