Job fair for new call center starts in Martinsville

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15 April 2011
ICF International hopes to hire 100 in the next two daya

MARTINSVILLE, Va. - Sisters Shenna Wyche and Sheba Dixon are out of work.

"My sister and I are looking for jobs," says Wyche. "I've been unemployed for probably almost two years now."

They, with hundreds of others, hope ICF International is the answer.

"It's hard to find a job out here in this area I guess because there's really not a lot in this area to choose from," she says.

"I feel like this company is going to bring a lot of jobs and a lot of hope for people," says Dixon. "I mean because you don't have to have that college degree."

The work offered is largely for a call center soon to open in Henry County. ICF does surveys for government offices like the Centers for Disease Control. They also process rebates for Energy Star appliances. The company is looking for office skills.

"The ideal candidate for the job here would be someone who has experience perhaps in a call center, perhaps someone who has done back office type of work," says public affairs director for ICF, Steven Anderson.

The job fair comes to Martinsville as unemployment still hovers above ten percent... Now once the paperwork is done, applicants hope they won't be part of the statistic anymore.

"I've actually been looking for work since last January," says Barry Turner. "It's just not been any luck out here."

"Martinsville is ready to boom again," says Wyche. "It's ready and there's a lot of people that need work."

After the first one hundred employees are hired, the company will hire four hundred more in the next two years. Day two of the job fair starts Saturday morning,