Sitel plans 100 new jobs in Bartlesville

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12 July 2011
BARTLESVILLE - Sitel Corp. says it will add 100 jobs in 90 days at its office here as it expands customer care support services for clients in the banking and retail industries.

The inbound call center at 3001 SE Frank Phillips Blvd. has been providing customer service for large national clients for 11 years as part of Sitel's global operations, which employ 52,000 people.

A new retail client and expanding services for an existing banking client drove the need for the new jobs in Bartlesville, said site manager Paul Peterson.

The full-time positions start at $8 per hour, with an opportunity for raises in 90 days, he said.

"Not everyone who comes to us is looking for a career, but I always tell people to give it a shot and you may be surprised," Peterson said. "I've been in this business 25 years, and we always try to promote from
within. It's also great if you need a stopgap while your resumes are circulating out there."


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