New Coalition Harnessing Broadband to Create 100,000 U.S. Contact Center Jobs

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4 August 2011


August 4, 2011


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Nick Lanyi



New Coalition Harnessing
Broadband to Create 100,000 U.S. Contact Center Jobs

WASHINGTON, D.C. - August 4, 2011 -
jobs4america, a new coalition comprised of business leaders and groups working
to create a combined 100,000 U.S. contact center jobs over the next two years,
was announced today by coalition leaders and Federal Communications Commission
Chairman Julius Genachowski, a champion for extending the benefits of broadband
to more Americans.

With millions of Americans looking for work and new broadband-enabled technologies
sweeping across the country transforming the way contact centers operate,
this new coalition is launching a coordinated effort to generate
thousands of new American jobs.


The growing ubiquity of high-speed broadband is enabling the creation of innovative
new contact center jobs in the U.S., allowing hard-working, productive
Americans to return to work. Businesses are harnessing broadband technologies
to not only extend where jobs can be located, but to transform the way contact
centers operate, increase customer retention and improve the ways they

Today's announcement event was hosted by founding jobs4america member ACCENT Marketing
Services, which as a part of this effort is adding an additional 2,000 jobs
over the next two years, including approximately 1,000 at-home engagement
specialists. The event was held at the company's new state-of-the-art contact
center, under construction in Jeffersonville, Indiana, incorporating the latest
broadband technology.

Members of the jobs4america coalition are setting meaningful goals for creating a
specific number of jobs here in America, and are challenging companies big and
small to join in this campaign to help invest in America and create more
American jobs. Key members of the coalition include the American Teleservices
Association (ATA), ACCENT Marketing Services, Aegis Global, Alpine Access,
AnswerNet, Back Office Support Systems, CallAssistant, Etech, NOVO 1, the
National Telecommuting Institute, Sprint Nextel, and QCSS Inc.


The jobs4america coalition leaders issued the following statements:

"Broadband innovation isn't just a vital spark that improves our lives and transforms the way we work and live, it's an economic driver that can create new jobs that are essential for getting America back to work," said Jim Kohlenberger, Executive Director of jobs4america. "Broadband is to contact centers what electricity was to the communication sector, or what television was to the news and entertainment industries - a breakthrough technology that can reshape entire sectors of the economy."


"As the primary contact center association - representing thousands of contact centers across
America - it's great to see a new technology like broadband and forward-thinking business leaders come together to help put America back to work," said Bob Kobek, Interim President
of the American Teleservices Association. "We are delighted to be helping lead this effort to create thousands of new job opportunities in America."

"ACCENT plans to create 2,000 contact center jobs over the next two years and is honored to be a founding member of the jobs4america coalition," ACCENT CEO Tim Searcy said. "We have seen firsthand the incredible impact that increasing domestic jobs can have, and it is a privilege to be at the forefront of this movement."

"We are pleased to be part of the jobs4america business coalition," said Sprint Chief Service Officer Bob L. Johnson. "During the next two years, Sprint plans to create about 600 U.S. contact center jobs to meet Americans' growing demand for mobile voice and data connectivity. The new jobs will include a mix of call center positions and home-based care agents who are seamlessly networked into our service architecture."

"Aegis is committed to creating jobs in the
United States, and plans to create 4,000 U.S. contact center jobs over the next
two years," Aegis Global Communications President Sandip Sen
said. "From saving jobs in Killeen, Texas, to being a top 10 employer in nearly every city in which we operate, Aegis is proud to contribute to job creation as a member of the jobs4america coalition."

"NOVO 1 will create more than 1,000 new American contact center jobs over the next two years," said NOVO 1 CEO Mary Murcott. "Some companies late on the off-shoring wave are still sending jobs and customers off-shore. They haven't heard the news - it doesn't work. The reason many executives were originally sold on off-shoring was based on a myopic view of the wrong metrics, such as cost per call and cost per minute. We know now those are the wrong metrics of success, especially when taking into account first contact resolution (FCR). Savvy executives know that they must move beyond transactional services to relationship building and that happens best in the U.S. NOVO 1 has made the business case for repatriation and can save 15% by bringing jobs back to America."

"Back Office Support Systems is proud to be a
part of the jobs4america coalition. We are committed to contact center job
growth and plan to create 1,000 new jobs in the U.S. over the next two years,"
said Back Office Support Systems Vice
President Rick Beer
. "Alpine Access is proud to support the
jobs4america coalition and its efforts to create U.S.-based jobs to spur
economic growth," said Christopher M. Carrington, president and CEO of Alpine Access. "We attribute much of our growth to offshore jobs returning back home, and anticipate doubling our employee base over the next two years to fill the demand for virtual customer service positions. As the pioneer of the work @home model, we leverage
broadband technology to recruit and hire experienced workers from across the
country, giving our employees the freedom to live where they want with the
flexibility to work when they want. While our model has many benefits, the
environmental impact is exponential as it drastically reduces our carbon
footprint. We look forward to working with the jobs4america coalition to further
these initiatives and create jobs for America."

"Since our humble beginnings in June of 2003, we at Etech, Inc. have been blessed to create over 1,000 jobs in rural East Texas -- where these jobs are desperately needed," Etech Chief Operating Officer Matt Rocco said. "We are committed to continue supporting the communities that have supported us as part of the jobs4america coalition."

"The QCSS mission includes job creation for the U.S. and we are pleased to be a part of this coalition and its efforts to link the pool of talent and with the broadband enabled facilities to serve the needs of the contact center industry," QCSS CSO and Co-Founder Karin Hall said. "Since this is one of the fastest growing industries today, we are boosting the economy in a very big way, every day. Every time that we receive or make a call, we help our partners move commerce through purchases of products and services from both 'business to
business' and 'business to consumer' interactions."


"CallAssistant is committed to creating jobs in the United States by leveraging innovative call technology, best market practices and partnerships like the jobs4america coalition," said CallAssistant CEO Mike Bills. "We welcome the opportunity to support and strengthen this Coalition."

"AnswerNet believes the jobs4america coalition will help connect more Americans to new employment opportunities in the growing contact center industry," said AnswerNet President and CEO Gary Pudles.  "This will help put America back to work, and highlight the importance of broadband as a catalyst for job creation in the Twenty-First Century economy."


About jobs4america

jobs4america is a coalition of forward-looking business leaders committed to creating jobs in America. With millions of Americans looking for work and new broadband enabled technologies transforming the way contact centers work, members of this new coalition are coming together to generate thousands of American contact center jobs. jobs4america members are also helping to identify and encourage other companies, big and small, to join us in this innovative campaign, with an overall goal to create a combined 100,000 U.S. jobs over the next two years.
We're proud to be creating new jobs and opportunities for communities and families across America. For more information, visit