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4 August 2011



jobs4america is a new coalition of business leaders in the contact industry who are working to create a combined 100,000 U.S. contact center jobs over the next two years. The coalition is challenging companies big and small to join in this campaign to help America return to work.   With millions of Americans looking for work and new broadband-enabled technologies transforming the way contact centers operate, this new coalition is working to generate thousands of new American jobs.   American-made broadband and the best workforce in the world has led to the creation of innovative new contact center jobs in the U.S.  And businesses are harnessing these technologies to transform the way contact centers operate, increasing customer retention and community relations in the process.


The Coalition is comprised of business leaders who have launched a coordinated, strategic effort to help create jobs in America.  Together these companies and organizations represent thousands of contact centers, employing millions of Americans, helping to connect Americans to new opportunities.

Key members include: 

The American Teleservices Association (ATA), ACCENT Marketing Services, Aegis Global, Alpine Access, AnswerNet,Back Office Support Systems, CallAssistant,  Etech, NOVO 1, the National Telecommuting Institute, Sprint Nextel, and QCSS Inc.


Goal: 100,000 Jobs Over 2 Years

The coalition has set a goal of creating 100,000 jobs over the next 2 years, asking each member to set their own meaningful goals for creating a specific number of jobs here in America in 24 months.  We already have a substantial number of commitments and are asking more companies - big and small -- to join this effort and create jobs for America. 

Broadband Enabled:

These businesses are harnessing the growing ubiquity of broadband and new technologies like Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) and cloud computing to enable companies to create new jobs here in America.  In some cases this enables jobs in the most rural and remote communities, in others it enables people with a broadband connection to work from home - saving commute time, gas costs, and reducing pollution.  Together these new technologies make America more competitive.   And they use a variety of broadband enabled technologies including the telephone (VoIP), cloud enabled service applications, live text chat, e-mail, instant messaging, website based communications, and video-conferencing.  

Broad benefits:

Broadband doesn't just create jobs, it also enables new forms of work like the ability to work from home which: 

  • Helps people with disabilities to have meaningful work opportunities
  • Allows returning veterans to be employed and connect with people in new ways
  • Let's stay at home parents enjoy a better work-life balance.

These broadband-enabled jobs are also good for the environment.  Just 17,000 work-from-home jobs (an estimate of the number of home-based jobs this effort will generate) helps: [1]  

  • eliminate an estimated47 million vehicle miles traveled, which
  • saves 2.3 million gallons of gas, and
  • prevents the release of nearly 22,000 tons of greenhouse gases.

Technology Enabled Communication Jobs:  

Employees in the contact center industry perform a variety of services and use a variety of broadband-enabled technologies.  They include customer service, help desk, e-commerce, and account management serving a broad range of industries from travel, banking, telecommunications, and retail.  They often include both in-bound and out bound service, marketing and sales communication with consumers, as well as chat, social media monitoring, and web and phone-based self-service options. 

Jobs for communities that really need them:

Broadband is helping to extend job opportunities into communities that really need it.  For example:

  • 300 new jobs in West Michigan.Coalition member NOVO 1, who is working to create 1,000 jobs over the next 2 years, just created its 300thjob in West Michigan - an area of the country especially in need of new jobs. Holland Michigan for years was known for its auto parts manufacturing and office furniture manufacturing companies, but like other parts of Michigan, they fell on harder economic times.Utilizing a new high speed IP network connection, and a brand new state of the art facility, NOVO 1 was able to create these new jobs in this economically hard hit community.[2]
  • New Jobs for Florida Community with High 12.5% Unemployment.While St. Lucie Florida has been especially hard hit by the real estate market, Aegis - who has set a goal of 4,000 U.S. jobs over the next 2 years as a part of this effort, is now hiring in this Florida community.According to the Florida Agency for Workforce Innovation, St. Lucie County lost 8,167 jobs between 2006 and 2009.In May the county had a high 12.5 percent unemployment rate.[3]
  • 100 workers in hard hit Newark, NJ.WithNew Jersey's unemployment rateoutpacing the nation, LiveOps recently announced a partnership with the city of Newark New Jersey to harness broadband to connect residents to new work opportunities.The Newark city is looking for more than 100 residents to work for LiveOps by the end of 2011 using their home based Internet connections.[4]



Jobs helping real people who need them:

  • For example, Jeffrey Taggart, a resident of Des Moines, Iowa, has multiple mental and physical disabilities that make working in an office difficult, if not impossible. However, thanks to the Internet, Taggart makes a living from home as a customer service professional.[5]
  • More and more U.S. home based call centers are using new technology like video conferencing to improve the customer experience.In Ten Sleep, Wyoming, a town of 300 people, a fiber-optic network allowed a company to employ several hundred teachers who teach English to students in Asia over the Internet, 24 hours a day using videoconferencing software.

New Contact Center Jobs Coming to Communities Throughout America:

  • Carbonite, a Massachusetts based company, recently decided after 5 years, to bring 150 call center jobs back from India to Maine.
  • July 29: Convergys Corp., a global relationship management company, has announced that it will hire 500 customer care and technical support personnel, for its Orlando contact center in Lake Mary, FL;
  • July 28: NOVO1, a Fort Worth-basedcustomer solution outsourcer announced it will hire 300 people to staff a 30,000 square-foot facility in Denison this fall.
  • July 28: CustomerContactChannels, global provider of customer management solutions, announced it will be hiring 600 contact center agents for its Tucson, AZ location by the end of the year;
  • July 27: Humana, an individual or group health insurance provider, announced it is seeking 200 additional agents for its Humana Cares unit in St. Petersburg, FL;
  • July 25: Wells Fargo, a national commercial banking institution, announced it is accepting applications to fill more than 60 customer service and sales jobs in its Lubbock, TX call center;
  • July 20: M&T Bank, a regional banking institution, announced plans to add 40 workers to its Millsboro, DE contact center;
  • July 19: TRG Customer Solutions, a customer service firm, announced it will be increasing the starting hourly wage it offers by 20 percent and adding 200 new positions at its Bend, OR headquarters.


For more information

Visit:                         www.jobs4america.net

Contact:                   Jim Kohlenberger

                                   Executive Director, jobs4america

                                   (202) 573-7360


[1] TeleworkResearchNetwork.com  According to analyst firm Frost & Sullivan, currently 17 percent of all call center positions (in-house and outsourced) are home-based.

[2] http://www.novo1.com/contact-center-to-create-jobs-in-west-michigan/

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