South Portland call center expanding

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11 October 2011

SOUTH PORTLAND - The start of the new Supreme Court session this
week has thrust "Obamacare" into the spotlight, given the fear - or
hope, depending on your point of view - that the plan will be
declared unconstitutional. But Jeff Forbes, chief executive officer
of South Portland-based SironaHealth says the only thing in danger
is the law's mandate that all Americans buy health insurance.

That's good news, he says, because other parts of the law
explain why his company is expanding.

Last month, SironaHealth grew by one-third, increasing to 17,832
square feet the space it leases in the building that houses its
corporate headquarters, at 500 Southborough Drive. The company
plans to hire 20 non-clinical workers for its medical call center
by year's end, and even more in 2012.

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