DialAmerica Offers Contact Center Career Opportunities to Military Spouses

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25 October 2011

There is no doubt that families of military
personnel make many sacrifices and face a number of challenges as a
result of one of their own serving in the armed forces. One of the
challenges is employment.

Certainly, large numbers of Americans are faced with unemployment in
these trying economic times, but the immediate family, in particular the
spouse, of someone who is serving in the military, may find it even
more difficult to find work due to the circumstances unique to the
military lifestyle.

One of the nation’s oldest privately held
teleservices agencies, DialAmerica, which says it has been in the
business of teleservices for more than 50 years, has stepped up to
address the challenges of unemployed spouses of military personnel and
has partnered with the Military Spouse Employment Partnership.

Read More at: http://www.tmcnet.com/topics/articles/233697-dialamerica-offers-contact-center-career-opportunities-military-spouses.htm