jobs4america Recognizes Michigan Governor for re-shoring customer service jobs

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8 September 2014
Michigan creates 3,827 new contact center jobs in the past 18 months with Dialog Direct responsible for over one third of them

jobs4america presented Michigan Governor Rick Snyder with a “Spirit of America” award at the September 3 grand opening of Michigan-based Dialog Direct’s new 250-person customer engagement center in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Governor Snyder’s administration has contributed to the re-shoring of over 100,000 customer service jobs back to the United States.

Governor Snyder was joined by Dialog Direct President & CEO Douglas Kearney and jobs4america Chairman and American Support CEO Matt Zemon in offering remarks to more than 150 invited business leaders, lawmakers and employees at the new 20,000 square foot facility.

“In just the past 18 months in Michigan 3,827 jobs were created (in the customer call center industry) with more than a third coming from Dialog Direct,” said jobs4amercia’s Matt Zemon.

jobs4america is a coalition of forward-looking business leaders committed to creating jobs in America. It advocates the value of US-based workers to enhance customer experiences and the U.S. economy. The organization’s goal of creating 100,000 jobs has been met. The organization is now looking to target another 100,000 contact center jobs by the end of 2016.

About jobs4america:
Founded in 2012, jobs4america is a coalition of forward-looking business leaders committed to creating jobs in America.  In their first two years jobs4america was able to create over 176,000 new US based jobs, exceeding their 100,000 job goal. jobs4america advocates the value of U.S. based workers to enhance both customer experiences and the U.S. economy. jobs4america’s current goal is to create another 100,000 new U.S. based contact center jobs by December 31, 2015.

jobs4america invites like-minded companies, big and small, to join in our goal of creating US based jobs.