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100,000 US Call Center Jobs Coming Home

23 February 2012

Watch the George Stephanopoulos ABC News piece below:

Some call center work heads back to U.S.

6 December 2011

You're a Sirius XM Radio customer in Cincinnati calling to renew your satellite radio service. Or your subscription ran out and you get a telemarketer call at your Winnipeg, Manitoba, home, trying to get you to re-up.

That phone traffic across the U.S. and Canada likely is coming from or going to a Henrietta strip mall. And in 2012, DialAmerica plans to move to larger space on Brighton-Henrietta Townline Road and add to its staff by as much as 40 percent.

These are boom times for many call center operations. Verizon Wireless' Henrietta call center employs about 1,200 people, up from 900 five years ago and 100 in 2000.

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DialAmerica Offers Contact Center Career Opportunities to Military Spouses

25 October 2011

There is no doubt that families of military
personnel make many sacrifices and face a number of challenges as a
result of one of their own serving in the armed forces. One of the
challenges is employment.

Certainly, large numbers of Americans are faced with unemployment in
these trying economic times, but the immediate family, in particular the
spouse, of someone who is serving in the military, may find it even
more difficult to find work due to the circumstances unique to the
military lifestyle.

One of the nation’s oldest privately held
teleservices agencies, DialAmerica, which says it has been in the
business of teleservices for more than 50 years, has stepped up to
address the challenges of unemployed spouses of military personnel and
has partnered with the Military Spouse Employment Partnership.

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Virtual Contact Center Software at the Heart of U.S. Recovery

27 September 2011

Virtual contact center software has enabled a revolution. With the ability to access all the tools an agent needs from the cloud,
businesses gain a less expensive alternative to premise based
technology, and the ability to hire outside their geographical


But that’s not the only thing this software advancement is enabling.
According to well respected leaders and studies, the ability to outfit
remote agents is also boosting the slumping economy of the United

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The Call for Call Center Jobs: US Sees a Surge in Agent Hires

28 September 2011

many Americans looking for a job right now, the call center is the
place to be. In recent weeks, dozens of companies have announced the
need to hire new call center agents – some with looking for hundreds of
employees. For many of these companies, the sudden need is a result of
their enterprise clients expanding and requiring larger customer service

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FCC chairman: Expand broadband to create jobs

24 August 2011

Even in these challenging economic times, there are bright spots of
innovation and investment that can help steer our recovery and create
jobs. Technology spurred the Industrial Revolution
and led our success in the 20th century. Now, technology is spurring
the Information Revolution and can power an enduring engine of job
creation in the 21st century.

Earlier this month in Jeffersonville, Ind., I joined a coalition of
companies called Jobs4America to announce the creation of 100,000 new
call center jobs in the U.S. over the next two years, many onshored from

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Who Needs India? Call Centers Come Home

4 August 2011

Where are the jobs? For the call-center industry, the answer now is the United States, not India or other foreign countries.

Today Jobs4America, a coalition of call-center companies,
committed to creating 100,000 new call-center jobs in the United States
over the next two years.

Call Centers Could Create 100,000 Domestic Jobs in Two Years, FCC says

4 August 2011

Call centers could soon offer consumer support in an unexpected way -– by creating 100,000 jobs over the next two years.

Julius Genachowski, chairman of the Federal Communications
Commission, is expected to help announce a project Thursday to construct
or expand call centers across the U.S., boosting employment.

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New Group Plans 100,000 Broadband-Enabled Jobs in US

4 August 2011


A group of U.S. businesses has announced a goal of creating 100,000 call center jobs in the country over the next two years, using broadband as the supporting infrastructure.

Members of the newly announced Jobs4America, many of them call center providers, said Thursday that the growing ubiquity of high-speed broadband will enable them to hire more people, some working at call centers and some working at home. The new group kicked off its campaign in Indiana.

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FCC Trumpets New Call Center Jobs

4 August 2011


Call centers are planning to hire 100,000 new employees in the U.S.
over the next two years, Julius Genachowski, chairman of the Federal
Communications Commission, announced at an event in southern Indiana

Genachowski credited the growth in call center jobs to improvements in broadband access.

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